Sea & Shore

If you go down to the shore, look out for Eider Ducks and Red-breasted Mergansers feeding along the coastline. They bring their ducklings down to the sea shortly after they hatch but they have to be aware of the otters that live here.

A duckling is just a tasty snack for a hungry female Otter with young of her own to feed. Go quietly down to the White Shore and you may glimpse an otter hunting for butterfish, shannys and other small fish hiding in the kelp.

The White Shore is a favourite spot for picnics and is also an ideal beach to study pebbles. Here you will find grey banded Gneiss, pinkish Quartzite, brick red Canisp Porphyry, dark red-brown Torridonian Sandstone and, more rarely, fine-grained speckled stones from volcanic dykes. The tidal rocks hide barnacles, limpets, mussels and periwinkles under several types of seaweed.

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