The Culag Wood is situated within walking distance of the village, and there are pavements to help too. This means that you can leave your car behind to enjoy your walks. But if a car is essential to you then with two car parks, you can choose where to begin your exploration of Culag Wood. The path at the Southern end is known as ‘Woodside’, with the main Car Park to the North. There is a third access point to Billy’s Path, beyond the Lifeboat and Coastguard buildings in the harbour area and this too is within walking distance of the village.

Culag Woods map
There is much to see and explore in the wood: how the prevailing winds from the sea stunt and bend the trees along the shoreline; where the herons build their precarious nests high in the tree tops; some unusual trees, like the limes near the Sutherland memorial.

There are picnic tables at several spots, play areas for children, and unusual features to enjoy. Look out for the posts at various spots, each illustrating a tree leaf. The specific tree will be nearby, so see if you can find and identify it.

Keep to the paths and you will not get lost. There are maps at each car park, and in the centre of the wood under a shelter. Any special information will also be found at the notice boards at these points.

Some paths can become slippery in wet weather, or when coated in wet leaves, so take care to wear boots or shoes with a good grip.

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