Culag Community Woodland Trust

Urras Coille Choimhearsnachd Chulaig


For such a small woodland Culag Wood holds a huge variety of wildlife. Perhaps the most obvious are the Herons. Grey Herons for miles around come to Culag Wood to nest in the breeding season. From as early as March these huge birds start to build their nests right at the top of the tallest spruce trees. At their peak, several years ago, there were over thirty nests. Their weird croaks and calls and bill-clapping can give visitors to the woods quite a start.


Taking a walk in Culag Wood is taking a walk back in time. Certain lichens indicate that native trees, such as hazel, rowan and downy birch, have been present for hundreds of years. The woods at Culag still have the remains of this ancient woodland and in order to protect these important areas during the management of the woods a small group of members have got together to study particular lichens over the next four years.


The Culag Wood is situated within walking distance of the village, and there are pavements to help too. This means that you can leave your car behind to enjoy your walks. But if a car is essential to you then with two car parks, you can choose where to begin your exploration of Culag Wood. The one at the Southern end is known as ‘Woodside’, with the main Car Park to the North. There is a third access point to Billy’s Path, beyond the Lifeboat and Coastguard buildings in the harbour area and this too is within walking distance of the village.

Sea & Shore

Go quietly down to the White Shore and you may glimpse an otter hunting for butterfish, shannys and other small fish hiding in the kelp. The White Shore is a favourite spot for picnics and is also an ideal beach to study pebbles.
"I was walking through the woods at 7.00am last Tuesday and was very moved by the beauty, tranquility and evident regeneration of the area.
WELL DONE!!" ~Natalie

"We came for an hour and spent 4 1/2 hours here. What an absolutely fantastic place. The world's best kept secret." ~Wendy, Neil & Zak